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Shri. K.P. Chandrakanth is a Siddha Doctor having more than 30 years of medical experience treating various ailments and providing relief to people of all sects and ages. He is full of love and compassion and is available all day long to guide his patients to well-being. Having mastered the ancient siddha art, he has perfected the art of creating Navapashanam which is the amalgamation of nine poisons. Preparing navapashanam is very risky and many people have lost their lives during the preparation. The ardous task of preparing navapashanam is based on the Siddha Bhogar’s method who prepared the first navapashana idol and installed the same at Palani.

Chandrakanth is very affectionately called as Ayya in tamil language which means an elderly person with great respect. He has treated various diseases that come from bodily discomfort and as well as spiritual discomfort using Navapashanam water. He is an ardent follower of Shri Ramalinga Adigalar and due to his profound blessings he was intuited in the preparation of Navapashanam by this great saint.

People approach him in huge numbers for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and Ayya has been the guiding spirit for all these people. He values each soul with love and affection and performs various charity work in addition to his siddha medical practice. Ayya has provided Navapashanam water to many people and by taking this water many people have been removed of the bodily and mental ills.


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